So Dark the Con of Man*

One of the definitions of paranoia is, “suspicion and mistrust of people or their actions without evidence or justification”. One thing that paranoia is good for is generating Conspiracy Theories. If you are given to hanging out where Farmers and Wheat Ranchers hang out, you will hear Conspiracy Theories. Conspiracy Theories get started when We-the-People want to know what is happening but are being fed the same gruel given to mushrooms and are kept in the dark. Theories usually begin with a question.

Questions like why was a deserter like Bowie Bergdahl brought home? Why is he still free? Why were five convicted terrorists – murderers – released? Why is the nuclear deal with Iran secret? If Social Security has no money for cost of living raises, where did Barak Obama get $1.3 billion in cash to pay off the Iranians? Why isn’t Lois Lerner in jail? Why hasn’t IRS Commissioner John Koskinen been impeached for crimes against We-the-People? Why hasn’t Barak Obama been impeached for attacking the US Constitution? What hasn’t Eric Holder been impeached for breaking gun laws? Why hasn’t Hillary Clinton been indicted for espionage and lying to We-the-People? Why isn’t Loretta Lynch under investigation for manipulating justice? Why does James Comey lie to We-the-People and walk away untouched? And the doozie: why are those in Obama’s Administration immune to the same laws that govern We-the-People?

Conspiracy theories are works of fiction, they are fables created out of frustration to explain mysteries like those above. The unrest sweeping America this election season proves that those theories are being whispered from sea to shining sea. Most conspiracy theories are ridiculous and obviously so after very few words, ie: Elvis shot Kennedy. But, conspiracy theories are indicative of what is on the heart and mind of We-the-People and proof of how much Americans distrust the Oval Office and the Political Establishment. Following are two of my favorites.

The Electoral Algorithm |

In my Grandfather’s day this would not have been possible. Collecting all votes from the Electoral College took hours using telegraph and telephone. That has all changed in the last two decades, and the process can be accomplished within minutes after votes are made via the use of a computer network. The aforementioned computer (somewhere) keeps track of how many votes are allocated to which states and accounted for in the final tally. A good conspiracy theory nowadays relies on internet intervention and an “unknown” henchman.

The story begins with an unknown NSA Analyst who became suspicious of the sudden increase in requests for data from the IRS, CIA, and Homeland Security. He wanted to know why, so he began digging deeper into the requests and found that they originated at the Oval Office. During the Analyst’s clandestine searching he uncovered another, more disturbing fact that linked the Oval Office to the Federal Elections Commission.

What Edward Snowden uncovered was that the Oval Office is in possession of an algorithm that literally skews every vote cast within the Federal Elections Commission digital system toward Bamacrats. The theory explains how a little known Democrat came out of nowhere to capture a senate seat in Illinois and then managed to step onto the national stage and into the Oval Office. The FEC, and thereby the Electoral College, has been rigged to produce desired outcomes. Proof offered is the aggressive attacks by Bamacrats against all States attempting to establish Voter ID Laws. Showing an ID would undermine the effectiveness of the digital virus.

Edward Snowden suddenly fled the country, accused of exposing U.S. operatives working against terrorist groups. A lie of course. The analyst was escaping an Administration that has no qualms about using drones to attack Americans and would happily have said Analyst killed to protect its little digital secret.

Now we come to 2016 and the breaking news that portions of the Federal Elections Commission have been hacked for voter information less than two months before the most important election this nation has ever held. No proof has been given to media outlets, yet Jeh Johnson, Director of Homeland Security – an Obama Puppet – has been handed the reins to secure November’s election. Bottom line? There was no hack and the fix is in, Hillary Clinton will have her coronation in February and the Obama Legacy will be safe. Thanks to the efforts of Wads like Mitt Romney, Ted Cruz and Jeb Bush, the Republican Party is doomed. Even though it is holding a majority in Congress, it has been severely hampered by impotence. (Personal note from a voter: Can anyone get some duct-tape on Cruz’s mouth? Please? Soon?)

That conspiracy theory dovetails nicely into the next which involves the same obscure Senator from Illinois.


The Cartel President |

First. In 2008 a story broke in Illinois that the majority of signatures required to put then Senator Obama on the Presidential ballot were found to be forgeries and the product of a conspiracy to defraud America. All major news outlets except one ignored the story. What the one outlet found was that within twenty four hours the person who wrote the original story could not be found and hasn’t been seen since. Further, all documentation relating to the signatures, the petitions, and the election are now missing.

Second. A U.S. Attorney General was exposed for being in collusion with Mexican Drug Cartels in a still unexplained operation called Fast and Furious, but remained untouched because of Oval Office manipulation. At the same time ICE agents were ordered to release all illegal immigrants and stop deporting them. To date, thousands and thousands of murderers and rapists have been let loose in your neighborhoods.

Third. The Executive Branch has been exposed for operating a huge parallel immigration system outside the bounds of Congress. It uses Work Permits and Amnesty Cards to vet illegals and give them a free ride into the country. It is a ghost system run out of the back pocket of Homeland Security. In 2009, when Obama bailed out the housing-loan industry to the tune of trillions of tax payer dollars, there was money laundering scheme buried in the mountain of paper work. Thousands of false contracts were awarded and given validity by the IRS. With the stroke of a pen billions of drug dollars were washed clean inside the Administration’s books and hidden from We-the-People.

Fourth. Billboards began appearing near border towns between the U.S. and Mexico with a simple message, “Plata O Plomo”. It means silver or lead. A phrase Cartels use to remind people that a deal has been made and they will pay one way or the other. At the same time intruders began testing the security of the Secret Service. One even made it into the White House with a knife.

Now, put the four together. A bungled gun running scheme set up by the Justice Department (Fast and Furious) was actually a down payment to prove the Administration’s ability to keep a deal. The Drug Cartels provided the millions needed to buy the Oval Office and the newly elected President built a highway into America for illegals to enter with amnesty being provided on their arrival. When the immigration reform promised at the Summit of the Americas two years before was slow in coming, the reminder of silver or lead was made public. The Summit of the Americas was a ruse and prostitution scams with Secret Service Agents a misdirection to allow the President to meet with Cartel leaders away from the prying eyes of the media. The Obama Administration has been systematically using sleight of hand since day one in the Oval Office to give Green Cards and Work Visas under the table to Illegals.

There is one question that no one in the media has thought to ask. The answer to this question might explain a great deal. Why did Eric Holder slink away?


*Excerpt from unpublished non-fiction Two Cents: A Dirt-Clod and the State of the Union