I remember first grade. At the time, most boys thought of girls as having cooties and were creatures to be avoided. I did not understand because I saw them as other kids who could be friends just like boys.

I remember second grade. Girls are smart, just as smart as boys. Some of them run faster and play ball better. Still no cooties on girls.

The point is this: I grew up with the opinion that girls are classmates and equals.

Two decades later that opinion had not changed. However, I had learned along the way that some girls/women are as two faced and back stabbing as some guys are. Proof: a Hollywood bimbo I admired as ‘beautiful’ taught me that beauty is not about what you see. That bimbo turned out to be as traitorous to American ideology as Benedict Arnold had been. Again, an odd sort of equality. Tasteless but equal.

Three decades later. America is poised to elect a new President, the epitome of democracy. One of the candidates has been referred to as “the most corrupt person to ever run for the office”. And she laughs at the accusation. One of the great disappointments for me is the women that I used to see as equals aren’t. They have cooties.

Ballots are already being signed and cast for the two candidates. The majority of American women (60+%) are voting for corruption, for a leader who leaves Americans to die so she won’t look bad, for a candidate steeped in greed and shrouded in complete moral failure, for a candidate who is willing to kill unborn babies in order to hold the reigns of power.

So, I have had an epiphany about Genesis 3:6 that no preacher in America dare speak from the pulpit but that every voter needs to hear. It is the verse that illustrates a great difference between woman and man. Eve looked at the fruit and was willing to kill herself and Adam just to get her own way.

Paraphrase: “So when the woman saw that the Oval Office was good for power, pleasant to the eyes, and desirable to fatten one’s purse, she took of its fruit and ate.”

I will survive the election and so will you. But I am so very disappointed in American women. Its the cooties.

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