Car crash. Tragic.

Three blonde friends died all at the same time and found themselves standing at the pearly gates with St. Peter. He tells them that before they can enter heaven, they have to tell him what Easter is about.

The first blonde says, “Easter is a holiday where we give thanks, have a big feast and eat turkey.”

“Nooooo,” groans St. Peter. “You don’t get in.”

The second blonde says, “Easter is the holiday where we decorate a tree with pretty ornaments and give each other presents.”

“Nooooo,” groans St. Peter. “You don’t get in, either.”

The third blonde says, “Well, I know what Easter is all about. Easter is a Christian holiday which coincides with the Jewish Passover. After Jesus celebrated Passover with His disciples, He was betrayed by Judas and turned over to the Romans. They crucified Him on a cross. After He died, they buried him in a tomb and put a huge boulder in front of it.”

“Very good!” says St. Peter clapping his hands.


The blonde continues. “Now, every year, the Jews roll the stone away and Jesus comes out. If He sees his shadow, we have 6 more weeks of winter.”

In Matthew 16 Jesus asks an important question that every man will be required to answer. “But who do you say that I am?”

But the blonde – But who do you say that I am. Two buts separated by a common word.

Many believers wonder how America changed before our eyes, how it became what it is today. In the Matthew 16 account, Jesus made a bold statement. “The gates of hell shall not prevail.”


The gates of hell have prevailed and America has become what it is because fable has been mixed with truth. We-the-People stood silent and watched One-Nation-Under God become diluted. America has not become anti-god, this nation has welcomed all manner of foreign gods to come in for several decades.


America has become anti-Christ.

Ever notice that in scripture, every single demon Jesus encountered knew exactly who He was? There was no question. No doubt. No but.

The rulers of this present darkness bow before the Son of God and so will America.

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