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I remember the day when America stood as one and wept. I remember the day when America stood as one and declared, “We will never forget.”

Fifteen years ago this coming Sunday, Muslim Terrorists hijacked two passenger aircraft and flew them into the World Trade Center Towers. Within hours of those impacts both towers collapsed into rubble taking three thousand souls down into dust. Left standing in the middle of the ruin was a single U.S. flag, torn and dirty, but still flying. Pictures of that flag ran in newspapers around the world. It was an attack on American soil and We-the-People vowed to “never forget”.

But we did forget, we did turn our backs and now, fifteen years later, America is battered and broken. The same Muslims who left that flag hanging in the dust filled air now bask in the warm glow of Political Correctness and scold American Citizens for their hurtful rhetoric.

The real tragedy is how fast it happened. The first look at apathy came just seven (7) years after “We will never forget”. At the annual ceremony to honor that surviving flag and remember those murdered on that day, the wife of our President, the First Lady of the United States, amazed by the crowd of patriots who turned out and by the amount of pomp awarded to a dusty rag was recorded saying, “All this for a damn flag?”  That is an insult and a slap in the face of every American citizen.

The insult was ignored. By that time both of the Obamas were well practiced at playing the “race card” and national media was more than happy to call it “trump” and declare them righteous. Only a brave few dared ask the woman about her words but were ignored. Now fifteen years later, American Wanna-Bees will object to using the word “Muslim” when describing the hate unleashed that day.

Fine. Let’s change it. But what shall we change it to? How about French Terrorists? Won’t work, they were Muslim.

German Terrorists? Nope, they were Muslim?

Laotian? Nope. Muslim.

Russian? Nope.

Mallard? March Hare? Angry Pet Rock?

Those Terrorists were Muslim. If the shoe fits, Mrs. Obama, wear it.

Donald Trump spoke of seeing a newscast with people cheering as the towers collapsed and was mocked and roasted by the media. All the liberal media had to do was check their own video files. I saw those newscasts of Muslims celebrating the destruction and the ones that followed, showing a Muslim Market in Syria selling tiny souvenir Trade Towers to send to friends in Europe, Turkey, Iraq, etc. commemorating their heroes who flew those planes into destruction. They still celebrate 9-11 even though we have forgotten. But they celebrate the death and the destruction.

Do you remember?


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