I know a young woman who is a missionary to Macedonia. If you don’t know, that’s Turkey today. I have not heard a word about her since the war began and the flood of refugees flowed out of Syria on their way to Europe.

I know a man who is a missionary in Thailand and living in the middle of a Muslim neighborhood. Death threats and the danger of kidnapping are an every day occurrence.

I know a man who is a Pastor at a small church in India. Last I heard from him, one of his friends was chained to the back of a car and dragged until he disappeared because he dared to share the Gospel Jesus Christ.

I know of a woman who was abandoned in a Korean landfill at the age of 4. She survived and today shares her story in churches here in America.

I know of a young woman who was never able to take selfies, ‘hang with friends or go to a dance because she was being held captive by a madman and abused repeatedly for years.

The next time worship runs a little bit too long for you, and you get all hacked off because you will be late for lunch – shut up, Weenie.


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