No More Tears

“The voice of weeping shall no longer be heard.” Isaiah 65:19

The prophet is speaking of a day when we shall look with eyes not dimmed by tears. Charles Spurgeon said it this way, “The glorified weep no more, for all outward causes of grief are gone. There are no broken friendships, nor blighted prospects in heaven. Poverty, famine, peril, persecution, and slander, are unknown there. No pain distresses, no thought of death or bereavement saddens.”

(Author sighed long enough to move half the air out of his study.) To Spurgeon’s thoughts I would add that we no longer hear the foolish ramblings of celebrities, the shouts of outrage from the Neo-Racists, nor are we afflicted with a biased media that could not spell “truth” using copy and paste. There are no politicians in heaven.

One hundred and twenty four years separate the mind of Charles Spurgeon from this Old Phart. The conclusion of his thought above is this: “They weep no more, for they are perfectly sanctified. No “evil heart of unbelief” prompts them to depart from the living God; they are without fault before His thrown, and are fully conformed to His image.”

Now that will be a day. There is only one Celebrity and to Him every knee will bow.

Want a taste of what that will be like. Consider this, there are no old people in heaven. Not one. We will all be young.


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