Obama’s America

“Milwaukee TV station WTMJ-TV interviewed a black man on the street amid violence that gripped the city after a fatal police-involved shooting Saturday, and the man appeared to connect the unrest to a lack of assistance to the black community.

“It’s sad because, you know, this is what happen because they not helping the black community,” the unidentified man told the station on video, soon adding that “the rich people they got all this money and they not, like you know, try and give us none.” The Blaze

The “black community’s” first President has reinforced his foundation with entitlements gone to excess that the point that Uncle Sam has become Uncle Tom.

To make it worse, after doubling our national debt, destroying ties with Allies abroad, giving rise to the army of the Antichrist, the “black community’s” first President, has injected a new and improved racial venom into the veins of America. But when blacks attack whites, that isn’t racism, that’s protest. And it’s legal.

Hope and Change? Why give the “black community” anything? They will just start a protest and burn it all down. Maybe the rest of us should help them achieve their goals and burn their neighborhoods down for them?


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