Thirty Minutes Later

The garden was not Eden. That paradise was lost to the couple who stood nervously looking around, casting furtive glances at every shadow, at every shrub and tree. Silence and shadows were something unknown to them. They had always had the soft murmur of God’s voice with them.

Until now.

“That didn’t go so well,” Eve said, straightening the fur that God had given her.

“Didn’t go so well? Seriously? We just got evicted and you say it didn’t go so well? That was a disaster, Wife.”

“Oh don’t get your fur in a bunch, Husband. We didn’t die.”

“And will you say that when the wrinkles start filling your face and erasing your beauty? Will you say that when the cramps begin in a few days? Huhm? Don’t kid yourself, this is death, it’s just in slow motion. It’s called time and we have become its slave.”

“Yeah, well, accidents happen.”

“Accidents? You mean choices, don’t you? This is not funny. You sacrificed our lives and relationship with the Almighty for a bite of fruit. And that’s not the worst.”

“What’s the worst?”

“You are not the one that scripture will blame for this fiasco. Scripture will never say that through one woman sin entered the world. Never. NO! People will not say, “Oh look. There’s the loser Adam.” No. For you they will build shopping malls and nice restaurants and credit cards.”

“Don’t sweat it,” Eve said. “At least you will the NFL.”

Eve leaned her head as far as she could, trying to look down her own back. “Does this fur make my butt look big?”


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