A Fable. Not.

Once upon a time not long ago, the scuzzy demon Pelosi, wench to the underworld, stood basking in the destruction of the American Democratic System of Government. The object of her abject approval was the coronation of America’s first Queen. The greatest nation on earth, One Nation Under God, had been brought to its knees and was helpless against the invading armies of Mexica and South America and from the friends of terrorists, the Bamacrats. The liberal weapons of their warfare had proven to be too much for the Republic to withstand.

As the sulfur smelling Pelosi smiled, she heard the rustle of leather next to her, the sound of large wings folding. Turning she gasped with shock and fell to her knees before the Dark Emperor Obama himself.

“Rise, get to your feet Small One,” he said regally.

She did and rubbed affectionately at his shoulder. The barbed tail that followed him everywhere, the Department of Justice, slapped her between the shoulder blades, pushing her away.

“Oh great one, how did you manage to bring about such destruction?”

The High and Mighty smiled, beaming with pride. “It was done by having two tongues, Lie and Deny. Promise transparency and hide everything in plain sight. Poison the Rodeo Clowns in the media with the venom of race-baiting and no matter the truth, tell the story I want We-the-People to believe and it is done. I knew I had won when a celebrity like Will Smith says on camera that Trump supports should be purged from America and not one person batted an eyelash. But when Trump says 2nd Amendment supporters will take care of Hillary, there is outrage to shake heaven. That my evil friend is proof.

“The soul of man is wicked and desires the things of wickedness; lust of the eye, lust of the flesh and the pure hubris of power. Promise them baser things and they will bemoan immorality but thirst for its slaking power at the same time.”

“But the great deception. How did you convince millions that the Democrats, the same party that opposed Lincoln to his face and voted to keep slavery in America, were suddenly their friends and the only party to support?”

“ Fools,” the antichrist muttered. “We paid them, we gave them benefits, its mammon don’t you see?”

“But how did you overthrow a Republican majority in both the House and Senate?”

“With the help of decon-possessed across the aisle. We were helped by the likes of the Intractable John Kasich and that little babbling scamp Romney, and dozens of others who turned their back on the Republic.”


“Indeed. Our candidate for President is a liar, a cheat, a woman willing to have people killed to get her own way, a woman so corrupt even I won’t trust. Yet the imbecilic who cast votes don’t even care.”

“Oh Great One,” Pelosi groveled, puckering up to kiss his behind, “If I may dare to ask one more question. How did you silence the Christians?”

The Evil One snapped his fingers. “Too easy. I simply created FaceBook. All the Christians sat down and started clicking “LIKE” instead of speaking up. The rest was easy.”



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