Why Search for Keys

There is a story about Charles Spurgeon – if you are a Bible student and don’t know him, you should – and an elderly woman who had spent 30 years as cleaning lady for a very wealthy man. After the man died she continued on, living in a small cottage at the back of the man’s very large estate.

After several years, Spurgeon dropped in on the woman to see how she was doing. During the few hours they spent together, he noticed a framed piece of paper sitting on her mantle. After reading it, he showed it to the woman.

She told him that the man had given it to her before he had passed and she had kept it for sentimental reasons. Spurgeon was aghast. The man had been childless and the cleaning lady his only friend for 30 years. The framed letter on the mantle was the man’s last will and testament. Because she was unable to read, she did not know that she was the inheritor of the man’s entire estate. She had rights to an inheritance and didn’t know how to collect it.

John 1:12 says that if you are a believer, you have rights – as a child of God – to an inheritance.

Do you know how to collect it?


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