Tiny Keys

In the United States of Entertainment, people love mysteries. Who done it and why? Cliff hangers entertain because our minds our fashioned to solve riddles. A mystery becomes our favorite when we suddenly see the one tiny clue that opens the lock and makes the solution visible.

Which brings us to the book of Proverbs. Why is it there? What is it for?

Chapter 1, sentence 1 of verse 1: “To know wisdom and instruction.” In fact the first four lines begin, to know, to perceive, to receive, and to give. The sneaker is in verse 1:6. “To understand an enigma.”

Ooh, the mystery. But why?

There is a scripture that says, “It is the glory of God to conceal a matter.” God hides things and leaves a mystery that we are to solve. It’s all about pearls before swine and little treasures hidden for those who really want to find them. The Bible is full of those. They are the little keys to open tiny locks, the clues to enigmas and mysteries.

A good example is Proverbs 14:4. “Where no oxen are, the trough is clean; but much increase comes by the strength of an ox.” Much increase involves the wallet, the pantry, and knowledge. Every one of us has a vested interest in those three.

One of the keys to understanding that verse is the word trough. The Old Testament was written in Hebrew and the Hebrew word for “trough” can also be translated as “manger”.

Now, there’s a thought.


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