Entitled to Your Opinion But

There is a program on the Hallmark Channel that I enjoy a great deal. Good stories, wonderful characters, clean (as in no profanity). After one season of once a week shows, the Program changed and is now presented in the form of four movies over the space of twelve months.

Ok. Still good stories, wonderful characters, clean. This last Sunday night, the Program premiered a new addition to the canon.

There is a blog-site waiting beside the information highway that is devoted to fastidiously analyzing every word of dialogue, every song, and every nuance of facial tick on every character in every one of the movies so far. The goal of the site is to pump sunshine where the sun don’t shine. That’s a euphemism for propaganda, politician’s favorite trick. I do not know if the blog is supported (paid) by the Program, but it is endorsed by the woman who produces the Program.

The problem was the premiere. It did not flow freely the way others have. One might say convoluted and one would be right. The first movie of the 2016 cycle was a Valentine’s Day theme and left the fans with warm, fuzzy feelings at the end. Sunday night’s premiere contradicted those warm, fuzzy feelings. Obviously there had been deception, which had the effect of jerking the rug out from under us. Bottom line? I was dissatisfied with the premiere. My expectations were for the same high caliber of storytelling common to the Program.


When I visited the blog-site Monday morning, I made a comment that I was not happy with the presentation, that it left me unsatisfied as a fan. This is where the icky-goo hits the fan. Between 8:30 Monday morning and 11:30 Monday night, thirty six acerbic comments were made addressing my lack of appreciation for the latest presentation of cinematic excellence. Turns out, the Matriarch of the Program rules a fiefdom of villagers with torches and pitchforks all ready to punctuate the monster. One of those comments came from the woman who produces the Program (if I said her name you would know it). The joke is that many of them began with “you are entitled to your opinion but – .”

Butt: noun, appendage for resting one’s weight on, opinions not included. Each of those thirty six outraged villagers are entitled to their opinion and they all seemed to agree, I am the monster because i dared to disagree.

So why mention this? Because the Program is a Christian presentation and very popular. Now you tell me what’s wrong with this picture?


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