Are You Paying Attention America?


We have been told that the American Dream is for everyone. We have been lied to.

On the news the other night was coverage of the protests outside a Trump Rally. Were you paying attention America? Did you see the truth of the “American Dream”? Did you see it again the next night, and the next day when families lined the street leading to a Trump Rally?

If you were paying attention, you saw violence, vandalism, outrage, and middle-school age children screaming F-bombs at passing Trump supporters. All of those faces are the same face, all of those protests are the same people who oppose Trump because he wants to build a wall to protect America and its citizens.

The faces of those rioters are all Illegals. Don’t think so? Watch the video again and pay attention to how many Mexican flags you see. Not American flags supporting a dream, Mexican flags supporting violence, outrage, and destruction.

Take a good look America. You will see it from Monte Bella High School in California to towns of North Carolina, outrage, violence and obscenities are what is coming to America. The so called American Dream is not to live in peace, it is to shout hatred in your face.

The confession you will never hear from Illegals or from the Gossip Weasels of the media. Every single one of the Illegals knew they were breaking the law when they crossed our border at night. The knew it, they know it, but refuse to acknowledge it. “Even a child is known by his deeds, whether what he does is pure and right.”

Are you paying attention America? Obama’s hostile take over is working and Lady Liberty is being raped while you sleep.



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