Eekers McSqueekers

Had to go to the store. It happens. The drive is only five miles there and back. Simple enough, good streets, traffic-lights, safe. Yet three times on the round trip I watched as another driver exceeded the speed limit by 20 at least, roared passed me, and then slowed to pull into my lane and then drive 10 under the posted speed. Wait! Have to add one more. A car ran a stop sign to pull in out in front of me and then slow down.

So why does this happen? Did the Comet Stupid visit our solar system again and leave a cloud of dust in Earth’s path? Will we all suffer the effects? Or are people just getting more rude as the days pass?

But there is something you don’t know about those four drivers. First, all four cars had one of those little fish symbols on the back. Yes, all of them. Second, all of those drivers were female.

Sup’ with that?

My favorite rude driver story happened about four years ago. I went through the same intersection twice in one day, going to work and coming back, an intersection guarded by a traffic-light. The same woman driving the same car ran a red light both times and nearly broadsided me. The second time was the best, she kindly showed me one finger when I honked. The amusing part, I know who she is. The woman is a member in good standing in the local Seventh-day Adventist Church.

If you don’t know about Adventists, they are the most legalistic on the planet apart from Pharisees and terrorists.

So, I ask again, sup’ with that?


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