“Tongue nor heart cannot conceive nor name thee!”

The Valley of the Shadow is aptly named. It is a place where many times our Father’s smile is eclipsed by the storms of life. But even on our worst day, a gentle smile, an encouraging hand on the shoulder can offer surcease of sorrow.

The night in Gethsemane when Jesus struggled to the point of sweating blood, He identified a horror that “tongue nor heart” can understand. As so aptly stated in Shakespeare’s Macbeth. What was it that Jesus dreaded so?

Jesus knew what was coming later that night and understood something that most Christians seldom think about. Worse, America now refuses to consider. There is a place where the “light” of God has not reached and never will. The Abyss isn’t just a “bad day”, it is a horror that will not relent.

“My God, my God, why hast Thou forsaken me?” Psalm 22:1

God cannot look upon sin. Jesus knew that the moment when our sin was put upon Him, the Father would turn away. Forsaken is a place where God’s light will not touch. Many have had bad days and been tempted to say those words. “Why has Thou forsake me?” But they are not our words to say. Ever. Only the Savior could say them, would say them. But He also said, “It is finished.”

The horror is still to come, but not for those who believe on His name. There is a very dark day coming for America, made darker because It refuses to acknowledge the truth. From that day there is no surcease and no coming back.


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