Does God Listen to What You Say?

It was early morning, still on first cup of coffee, waiting for caffeine to kick in while struggling with a ho-hum attitude and balanced precariously on the razor sharp edge of a bad day. Since my eyes were still gritty with sleep and the thought of work made me nauseous I shunned beginning work and opened a Solitaire App instead. The deal was made and I sat staring at the cards with disbelief.

A few seconds later, and a fresh cup of the hot magic bean juice, the game didn’t look any better. All seven cards face up were black, and all were ten or less and would not play with each other. No face cards, no aces, no help at all. The words that came out of my mouth without shame were, “Not even God could win with a hand like that.” I literally believed that to be true.

What do you suppose happened next?

There are two kinds of people reading this. One has a good understanding of God and His character and knows exactly what happened next. The second is cynical and is nodding and shouting at the monitor that “Yeah God does that!”

God usually does not waste an opportunity to teach a lesson about faith. The lesson for me that day was that part of faith is to express a GOOD opinion of God, not a bad one.

So what happened? I turned one card of that disgusting deal, and the entire hand played out to the finish without stopping. It was a perfect game from a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad deal. Yeah. God does that.


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